Dripfeeding Checklist for Predator DNC™ Software

Predator DNC Software

Dripfeeding Checklist

Should anyone experience dripfeeding issues, the following dripfeeding checklist should be reviewed, discussed and implemented when appropriate:

  1. Use Ethernet vs. serial when supported by the CNC
  2. Use error correcting protocols when supported by the CNC, refer to the section below
  3. Enable Predator DNC's ServerSafe™ option when the Predator PC is located on the shopfloor
  4. With serial communications, reduce serial hardware buffer size to the smallest possible buffer setting
  5. With serial communications, review flow control settings
  6. With older CNCs, reduce the number of CNC programs stored within the CNC memory
  7. Review the firmware versions of all serial hardware
  8. Review the device driver versions of all serial hardware
  9. Review the firmware versions of all Ethernet hardware
  10. Review the device driver versions of all Ethernet hardware
  11. Review Ethernet packet losses
  12. Review the Ethernet and serial cabling
  13. Review the CNC programs and make sure GOTOs, DO WHILE, IF THEN and other branching logic is not present
  14. Review the CNC programs and make sure that sub programs and sub program calls are not present
  15. Enable Predator DNC's automatic sub program processing for dripfeeding
  16. Review Predator DNC's version 11 history for new dripfeeding features and bug fixes

Root causes of dripfeeding issues are commonly one or more of the above items. Predator support personnel are available to discuss and help implement improvements to the dripfeeding process.

Advanced Protocols that support dripfeeding

The following protocols are all recommended for dripfeeding vs. a simple ASCII file transfer. It is very common to dripfeed with simple ASCII file transfers that unfortunately do not support error correction.

Protocol Interface Application
Bostomatic Serial CNC
Bridegport Easylink Serial CNC
Camate Serial CNC
Danobat Ethernet CNC
DMG Mori Seiki MAPPS Ethernet CNC
DMG Mori Seiki Celos Ethernet CNC
Excellon Serial CNC
Fadal Checksum Serial CNC
Fagor 8020 Serial CNC
Fagor 8050 Serial CNC
Fanuc A Serial CNC
Fanuc Expand A Serial CNC
Fanuc FOCAS Ethernet CNC
FTP Client Ethernet CNC, PLC, Robot, CMM, 3D Printer & Other
FTP Server Ethernet CNC, PLC, Robot, CMM, 3D Printer & Other
Heidenhain Serial CNC
Highland BTR Serial CNC
Kauffman Serial CNC
Kermit Serial CNC, PLC & Other
Linatrol Serial CNC
LSV2 Serial CNC
Okuma A Serial CNC
Okuma B Serial CNC
Starlink Serial CNC & Other
XModem Serial CNC, PLC & Other

Testing Dripfeeding

Testing dripfeeding can be done to troubleshoot and restore confidence in dripfeeding. Refer to the following:

  1. Test dripfeeding by dry running test CNC programs with sequence numbers on every line
  2. Test flow control by pressing the feed hold button to pause dripfeeding and the cycle start button to resume
  3. Test by swapping out hardware components
  4. Test dripfeeding by simplifying the process
  5. Test using a PC next to the CNC

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