Circular Interpolation Checklist for
Predator Virtual CNC™ Software

Predator Virtual CNC Software

Circular Interpolation Checklist

Should anyone experience circular interpolation issues, the following circular interpolation checklist should be reviewed, discussed and implemented when appropriate:

  1. Identify the control or .rp file assigned to the machine
  2. Identify any .rpi files that are included with the main .rp file
  3. Review the values assigned to the MoveCircularCW and MoveCircularCCW functions
  4. Review the values assigned to the SelectPlaneXY, SelectPlaneZX and SelectPlaneYZ functions
  5. Review the value assigned to the MoveR function
  6. Review the value assigned to the DoRounding function
  7. Review the Check_Helical_Move parameter
  8. Review the Check_Spiral_Move parameter
  9. Review the ArcCheck parameter
  10. Review the Arc_Modality parameter
  11. Review the Arc_Tol_Inch parameter
  12. Review the Arc_Tol_MM parameter
  13. Review the ArcCenter_Absolute parameter
  14. Review the ArcSense_Modality parameter
  15. Review the Circular_Params parameter
  16. Review the Lathe_Prog_Mode parameter
  17. Review Predator Virtual CNC's version 11 history for new circular interpolation features and bug fixes

Root causes of circular interpolation issues are commonly one or more of the above items. Predator support personnel are available to discuss and help implement improvements to the backplotting, CNC verification and machine simulation process.

Testing Circular Interpolation

Testing circular interpolation can be done to troubleshoot and restore confidence in backplotting, CNC verification and machine simulation. Refer to the following:

  1. Test clockwise and counter clockwise circular interpolation
  2. Test circular interpolation in the three major planes
  3. Test full 360 degree style circular interpolation
  4. Test spiral and helical interpolation
  5. Test rounding style circular interpolation within linear motion
  6. Test radius and diameter style programming for CNC lathes

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