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Predator RCM Software Overview

What is Predator RCM?

Predator RCM software is a flexible robotic cell controller and scheduler designed to automate a cell of CNC Machines, robots, CMMs, gage inspections, part markers, part cleaners and other manufacturing equipment. Predator RCM provides lights out operation and production with flexible manufacturing and complete automation. Predator RCM schedules the robot to load and unload every CNC machine, CMM and work center within the cell. Hands free operation from raw material to finished parts. Predator RCM supports a wide range of pallets, tooling, RFID tags, load stations, unload stations, part washing and more.

Choose from two editions

  • Predator RCM Express
  • Predator RCM

Why use Predator RCM?

  • Robotic machine tending - Load and unload CNC machines via a robot
  • Automated manufacturing with small, medium and large lot sizes
  • Lights Out Manufacturing
  • Manage CNC programs without interrupting the CNCs within the cell
  • Multiple parts/jobs per pallet
  • Standard Load and Unload rack stations
  • Optional Rotary Carousel style Load and Unload stations
  • Manage job priorities and holds without interrupting cell production
  • View cell status remotely
  • Automatic Email notifications of manufacturing problems
  • Automatic recovery from a problem job or CNC
  • Optional part marker (laser etch, pin stamp & engrave) support
  • Optional part washer and part basket support
  • Optional CMM and Probe inspection with automatic offset adjustments
  • Optional RFID, Tool and EDM options
  • Optional Double Gripper support
  • Add Predator MDC for realtime manufacturing data collection
  • Add Predator Tracker for realtime tool and gage management

Job Scheduling

Predator RCM's Job Manager is the scheduling center of the system. Work can be added, removed, or put on hold according to the day-to-day changes in machining priorities.

Predator RCM Software with Job Scheduling

Predator RCM can also allow the scheduling of work in multiple machining cells from one central console.


Predator RCM's Presetter manages the tooling inventory in the shop and allows the operator to prepare the work, download CNC Programs from the corporate network and assemble the job to be submitted for automated machining. Each job includes a pallet and/or fixture, a workpiece, and the CNC programs required to machine the part. An individual pallet can have one or more jobs attached to it allowing for automated machining of several operations on a single workpiece.

Predator RCM eith Presetter support

PC and Robot Requirements

Predator RCM requires the Fanuc Robot Server / PCDK Runtime to be purchased from Fanuc Robotics. This PC option needs to be installed on the same PC running Predator RCM. In addition, every Fanuc Robot requires the PC Interface option to be purchased and enabled from Fanuc Robotics.

NOTE: Prior to August 2011 Predator RCM was called CellMaster.

Predator RCM - Part Numbers

Part # Description
20452001 Predator RCM/1
20452002 Predator RCM/2
20452003 Predator RCM/3
20452004 Predator RCM/4
20452005 Predator RCM/5
20452006 Predator RCM/6
20452007 Predator RCM/7
20452008 Predator RCM/8
20452009 Predator RCM/9
20452010 Predator RCM/10
20452011 Predator RCM/11
20452012 Predator RCM/12
204520## Increments of 1 up to maximum license of /24
20452910 Predator RCM Client - Presetter

Predator RCM Express - Part Numbers

Part # Description
20453001 Predator RCM Express/1
20453002 Predator RCM Express/2
20453003 Predator RCM Express/3
20453004 Predator RCM Express/4
20453005 Predator RCM Express/5
20453006 Predator RCM Express/6
20453007 Predator RCM Express/7
20453008 Predator RCM Express/8
20453009 Predator RCM Express/9
20453010 Predator RCM Express/10
20453011 Predator RCM Express/11
20453012 Predator RCM Express/12
204530## Increments of 1 up to maximum license of /24
20453910 Predator RCM Express Client - Presetter

Predator RCM - Popular Options

Part # Description
20459100 Carousel Storage
20459110 Conveyer Storage
20459120 Movable Rack Storage
20459200 Load/Unload Station (Works while Cell is running)
20459220 Measuring Module (CMM, Vision or Inspection station)
20459300 Parts Cleaning Station
20459310 Part to Tool (Electrodes)
20459330 Part or Tool RFID (RFID readers and tags not included)
20459340 Automatic Part Queue
20459400 Fixture Loading (Fixture Load before Part Load)
20459410 Parts Handling (Load/Unload of Part Baskets)
20459420 External Pallet Loader
20459430 Dynamic Chuck (Load/Unload chucks of different types)
20459500 External Tool Management
20459510 Multiple Gripper Optimization
20459900 Email Notifications
20459910 Light Tower
20459920 Fanuc Robot Server RTL-RSR

Predator RCM

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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