Predator Software = Industry 4.0

Maximize the productivity and quality of your people, machines, robots, CNCs, PLCs, test stands and processes with software, hardware and services to:

Industry 4.0 = Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0

Revolutionize your shop. Combine Predator software, hardware and services to create a smarter more integrated shop floor. Buy multiple Predator applications and multiply your time and money savings.

Don't let your shop miss out on using the best technology. Call us at
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Predator Software = Lean Manufacturing

Reduce the complexity of your manufacturing processes while improving the productivity and quality of your people, machines, robots, CNCs, PLCs and test stands with Predator software, hardware and services.

Predator Software = Automation

Simplify your shop with automation. Combine Predator software, hardware and services to eliminate waste and provide unbiased data for lean events. Call us at 503-292-7151 to learn more.

Predator Software = Lean Manufacturing

New v11 Releases

The version 11 rollout has begun and will continue through the end of the year. Checkout the following new Predator v11 manufacturing applications:

One of the many benefits to Predator version 11 manufacturing applications is support for Windows 10 and Windows 2016 Server.

115,000+ Manufacturers rely on Predator Software

3M Boeing GE Honeywell Moog Stryker

Since 1994, over 115,000 manufacturers in over 40 countries rely on Predator solutions to network, monitor, control, revise, verify, organize, manage and automate their shop floor and improve productivity. Predator software and hardware products assist manufacturing companies achieve their JIT, Lean Manufacturing, OEE, Six Sigma and ISO 9000 goals. Find out why so many manufacturing companies rely on Predator every day.

30+ Predator Resellers for local support

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Over 30 resellers worldwide provide additional local sales and support for Predator software applications.

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